Native Bird Recovery

If you find an injured native or sea bird. Please contact the Bird Recovery Centre on 09 438 1457. If you cannot take the bird to the Bird Recovery Centre please Bring in to YourVet and we can provide emergency treatment and then send on to the Bird Recovery Centre for experienced, professional care.

This little Cooks Petrel was brought in after being see on a golf course. He didn’t move and remained there for long while, though most of the time they just need a quiet place to recuperate, this guy was getting worse. Mike examined him when he was brought in to the YourVet clinic and found no injuries, however he was in very poor condition and needed feeding. He was sent to the Bird Recovery Centre for rehabilitation.

This Juvenile Gannet was found washed up on the shore at Ruakaka. He had a fracture to his Beak.

It is important to us that all animals are cared for. So if you have any queries please call the Bird Recovery Centre on 09 438 1457 or The team here at YourVet.

This is a juvenile Morepork eating HIlls ad. He loved it! 

Mill Road Vet clinic is a proud supporter of the Native Bird Recovery Centre and  is always excited to get the opportunity to assist where they can.

This is Bruce x-raying a kiwi.