Surgery @ YourVet

At YourVet every step of the way counts when it comes to your pet.

Our large off street car park with parking close to the door provides an easy, stress free entry to our clinic. We have even put a silica bead into the coating on our floors to provide a texture for the dogs so that it feel great on their feet and they don’t skid around on the floor.

You will be welcomed by our fantastic Corrine who co-ordinates our reception area.

We think that every little thing matters when it comes to improving outcomes and improving animal comfort.

YourVet has separate cat and dog kennels so the animals are not housed together making it a much more pleasant experience for cats, and stops the dogs getting too wound up as well. The kennel floors have in floor heating. We monitor, and provide extra heating if required.

The kennels have windows from our treatment room (where we spend most of our time) so we can keep a constant eye on the patients without disturbing them.


In surgery is where the detail really matters. The selection of suture materials is essential in recovery, the improved outcomes and welfare of our patients. We carefully selected the best suture material for the task providing the right amount of strength and duration of action.

Yourvet has multiple fluid pumps and warmers, excellent monitoring equipment housed in our excellent facility.

Mike and Sue’s years of experience and attention to detail ensure they give the best possible care for their patients. Careful tissue handling, asepsis (keeping things sterile) and a stable patient are extremely important in providing the desired outcomes. Mike has performed hundreds of successful orthopaedic procedures, including pinnings tension bands, platings and external fixators*. Mike is very experienced in difficult soft tissue procedures including skin grafting, ureter replacements and “cherry eye replacements to name a few.

Nikita has years of experience in mixed practice , which includes a wide range of small animal surgery skills.

Chantelle is a fully qualified, dedicated  nurse who provides the very best care for your animal while they are in our care.

All our equipment is scrupulously clean and sterilised in our brand new autoclave.

At YourVet it all counts. We will do everything we can to ensure a pleasant stay for your pet while he or she is here.


Professional and personal companion animal Veterinary care is provided  from YourVet’s purpose built new facility on State Highway One Waipu.

  • Medicine
  • Orthopaedic Surgery including TTA surgeries
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Digital Radiology including Penn Hip
  • Dentistry
  • Referral work
  • Separate Cat and Dog hospitalisation.
  • Product sales