Farm Services

Farm Veterinarian

Waipu, One Tree Point, Ruakaka, Mangapai, Kaiwaka, Maungaturoto, Mangawhai, Te Hana, Taipuha

A large range of comprehensive farm animal veterinarian services are available from YourVet.

  • Cattle Medicine  
  • On farm diagnostics                                       
  • Ultrasound scanning of cows                                                 
  • Herd Mineral Checks
  • Herd Health Plans
  • Obstetrics (calvings)
  • Reproductive Plans
  • Equine work
  • Geldings
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Comprehensive product knowledge allowing you to make the best product decisions


Mileage is charged from Waipu, the middle of the Village in Mangawhai, or from the corner in Maungaturtoto, which ever is closest to you.

To Provide excellent services to farms we need a vehicle. 

4WD is best to gain access to most places on farm.

Computer and Printer in car to keep farm records on our database.

Invoicing on the spot is made easy at YourVet

In Car Storage to keep products at a stable temperature, this improves the quality of product and makes it easy for you to get product when I’m on farm.

Well organised and tidy storage in the back ensures a more efficient service for your farm.

Animal  Ultrasound

Our service area includes Waipu, One Tree Point, Ruakaka, Oakleigh, Springfeild, Mangapai, Kaiwaka, Waipu Cove, Langs Beach, Maungaturoto, Taipuha, Paparoa, and Mangawhai.