Ultrasound Pregnancy

Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing of Cattle


The pregnancy testing of cows is done via a rectal probe. The end of the probe has an ultrasonic transducer that provides an image of the insides of the cow. This image is viewed on high definition goggles or on a monitor screen. The ultrasound probe is much smaller than a human arm, so it is much more comfortable for the cow

YourVet has the latest scanner that has a convex probe providing a large field of view. The scanner is battery operated and we have the option of using goggles or a screen depending on the setup in your shed. With our pit trolley and our battery operated system there is no need for power leads therefore we can do more cows up the bale, making it easier for the cows and you.


The detection of pregnancy in cattle is extremely valuable. The identification of non-pregnant animals is essential if you wish to decrease numbers and remove these animals from your herd. YourVet also offers dating of the foetus. Dating is important if you wish to manage your calving or if you have animals grazed off your farm. Just because a cow is not showing signs of heat does not mean she is in calf, also cows can show signs of heat and actually be in-calf. All non-pregnant cows (empties) are then checked manually by YourVet to provide assurance that they are actually empty.



The best time to test cattle is 6 weeks from the end of mating. For example if you remove the bull on the 24th of December, then the best time is the 4th of February.

Please call YourVet on 09 432 0500 to discuss the pregnancy testing of your cattle today.