In House Laboratory

Laboratory Services

To enhance the service we provide, we not only use the Gribbles laboratories, but we have a excellent in-house laboratory.

The Vet test chemistry analyzer allows us to perform a range of tests on blood without the need to send to an external lab. Allowing us instant results so we can act more rapidly, improving the care of you animal.

Tests include:

  • Pre- anaesthetic panel. This checks the liver and kidney status and glucose, important in animals undergoing an anaesthetic
  • Diagnostic health profile. This is a broad check to find abnormalities in a range of body systems.
  • Equine health profile. This is  a general health panel for horses
  • Plus many more
  • In House Microscopy

    We take pride in offering quick in-house diagnosis of

  • Demodectic mange
  • Yeast ear infections*
  • Bacterial ear infections*
  • Skin infections*
  • Urine Crystals
  • * Further micro and cultures done at Gribbles laboratories

    PCV Centrifuge

    We have a dedicated centrifuge that spins down blood so we can get a PCV (Packed Cell Volume). This is important to check for anemia and to assess possible blood loss, essential for trauma cases.

    Blood and urine Centrifuge

    Blood is spun down to provide plasma, which is used in the Vet Test Analyser. Bloods that may be delayed(on the weekend) going to the Gribbles laboratories can be spun down to improve the life span of the sample.

    Urine can be spun down to allow us to check sediment and find crystals that can cause blocked bladders.

    Idexx SNAP test BVD Antigen

    This is a farmside test that can be done in the feild or in the clinic to test for BVD antigen. This is helps identify BVD carrier animals and can assist you improving the health or your herd.

    FASTest D4T Calf Scour Panel

    This is a 4 in 1 calf scour panel. This test for Rotovirus, Corona Virus, E coli, and Cryptosporidium. Get fast results if your calves have scours.

    FIV Test

    YourVet can perform a quick test to find out whether you cat has bee exposed to FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus or feline aids)